5 Reasons I Smile

The ultimate goal of this blog is to spread awareness and show how beautiful life can be. We have four amazing daughters. Our youngest was born with Down syndrome. If just one person stops here and leaves with a different, better perspective about Down syndrome, then it is worth it. Regardless, I have 5 Reasons to Smile!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kamryn's Krew

Tomorrow is a big day. It is the first annual Buddy Walk for Santa Barbara County and our first time participating in a Buddy Walk. For family and friends not familiar with Buddy Walks, it is a walk to show support and spread awareness about Down syndrome (that is my short version).
I sent out an email to our (semi-local) family and friends and was overwhelmed when the replies starting flooding my in-box. They were so excited and wanted me to know they would be there! Those that couldn't make it, expressed their disappointment. Right now as I type, I feel warm and a bit teary. We have over 30 family and friends coming out to show love and support for Kamryn and others with Down syndrome. Diondray and I are still in the midst of making T-shirts for everyone, I think it is going to be a long night! :)
I am excited. I will being seeing friends I haven't seen in months! I will be meeting families that have children Kamryn's age! The weather should be beautiful! There will be games for the kids, music, and food booths. It is a Buddy Walk/Festival, it is a whole day of fun (not just a walk)! I am excited. BUT, I hate this part- I really do, I also have a very tiny bit of sadness in me. It is the reminder that things are a little "different" for us. 21 months ago I didn't know what a Buddy Walk was and tomorrow we are participating in one....because we have a daughter with Down syndrome, because we now find it important to advocate and spread awareness for people with Down syndrome, because we love our daughter. It still hurts a little. If it weren't for my girls, I may have skipped it this year, so I could have avoided the tiny ache I feel......but I will be alright.
Our shirts say Kamryn's Krew and have a picture of her and her beautiful smile on them. My camera is not working or I would post a picture of them......I just bought a new one, but haven't loaded the program onto my computer yet. Actually, my computer has a virus (it's been one of those weeks), so I can only access the pictures I have on my desk top. I will end with some of those. Because I love pictures. And this blog has become my photo album!
December 2008

May 2009

May 2010

Tomorrow will be a BEAUTIFUL day!


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it! It can be a very emotional day but a good one!

  2. How exciting for you! Jake is also 21 months, and I have never been to a Buddy Walk yet! We have always been out of town on the day it happens here. Not this year! This year our Buddy Walk is on Jake's birthday!! I'm so excited. Take lots of pictures to share!! I will be thinking of your family!!

  3. Missed you guys! I just can't handle seeing pictures of Kamryn - she is just so ridiculously cute. I have to see her soon! She reminds me so much of Mylie and I just can't stand Mylie's adorableness. I pinch myself daily and remind myself that she is mine...all mine!
    Hope today was amazing. Let us know how it went!
    love to you all!!

  4. Can't wait to hear how it went today. Kamryn just can't get any cuter! I'm proud of you for going. It's so good for your girls to get to see other families supporting and advocating for their child w/ Ds, too. It helps them know you're not alone and that it's all good.