5 Reasons I Smile

The ultimate goal of this blog is to spread awareness and show how beautiful life can be. We have four amazing daughters. Our youngest was born with Down syndrome. If just one person stops here and leaves with a different, better perspective about Down syndrome, then it is worth it. Regardless, I have 5 Reasons to Smile!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Ohhhhh this is my favorite Holiday! I love all the food that comes with Thanksgiving and that everything seems to pause, so families can gather around the table and eat. It is also a time we reflect, out loud, about all the things we are thankful for.

Diondray was on duty, however I tell the girls we are thankful he has a job. REALLY THANKFUL. And we stick to our traditions and have Thanksgiving dinner and he will eat left overs today. :)

I am very thankful for the life I live and all the wonderful things that have come with it. We all have one, so embrace it, cherish it and live it!

Thanksgiving 2011

Tucking Jaden into bed last night I said, "Today was a great day."
She replied, "Mom, you say that everyday."

That is true, we are blessed around here, it often feels like everyday is a great day...
and I am so thankful.

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  1. Love seeing your girls help you cook... I just love that. Miss you!