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The ultimate goal of this blog is to spread awareness and show how beautiful life can be. We have four amazing daughters. Our youngest was born with Down syndrome. If just one person stops here and leaves with a different, better perspective about Down syndrome, then it is worth it. Regardless, I have 5 Reasons to Smile!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Me, Meeee!" - That's two words!

TWO WORDS. Did you know a child has to have a vocabulary of about 50 words before they begin to use two words together? I did not know that. Speech development wasn't something I paid mush attention to. (Before).

Three girls and until my fourth I never really thought about "child development" in general. After Jaden was born I used, What to Expect the First Year, as a reference. It seemed every time I flipped to the chapter that discussed her age-what she should be doing, what she might be doing and what she may do, she was always far beyond that stage. It did not take much effort on my part (or Diondray's) for her to reach the milestones. She walked by 12 months. At 15 months, she had a huge vocabulary. I rarely used the book with Naomi and Brynn. I was "experienced" (ha, ha) and their development just "happened"...I use the book now, however we are in What to Expect the Toddler Years.

Development in a child with Down syndrome tends to take longer (than a "typically" developing child). It takes much more work for a child with low tone (which is common in someone with Down syndrome) to reach gross and fine motor milestones. Speech tends to be delayed too.

We are reaching some big milestones.

The other night while putting Kamryn to bed I said, "I love you Kamryn."

She said, "I of oo to mama" -way more than two words, I know!

She also says, "K, mom" when I ask her to do something, (get her shoes for example).

Does "No, No" count? she says that too!

"Omi bed" (that means "Naomi put me on the bed!")

"Up Mom" (that means "Mom, pick me up!")

"Thank you"

"Excuse me Mom!" (yes, says it clear and it cracks me up!)

The other night Naomi and Brynn wanted their nails polished. Kamryn heard them ask me and she began to shout "Me, Meeeeee!" Speech is coming. So is big girl stuff...

Showing Daddy

They don't taste as good as they look :)

Jaden passed on the nail polishing. We didn't have blue!

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